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Thanks for the fascinating information. At times I've been really surprised at what does and doesn't get RT or click throughs.

Someone with 80,000 followers RTed a post of mine, but I only received about four click throughs. The title wasn't overly bad or good. I have about 750 followers, and for each blog post I put out, I get about an equal amount of click throughs. So perhaps my efforts at writing an engaging tweet are working, or I have an audience that is more engaged with me (on a small scale anyhow)

Ciao Valeria, interesting topic indeed. I agree with most of what you stated above except for a couple of things. "The finder tends to keep that to themselves." maybe it's my sense of being "social"or maybe it's the way I use Twitter but anytime we have anything that's amazing and helpful we divulge our sources. We write about them, we discuss them and most important we continue discussing and integrating answers into part of the bigger picture.

I have known for years that being social is not about me but about the people I am being social with. Especially with a social tool like Twitter. Even the definition of "social" is nothing without interaction. Maybe, I am missing the whole point in regards to "Forget being social when human competitive nature kicks in." But winning and being alone at the top seems so empty. Okay, fine maybe I am too emotionally involved in the social... it works for me.

With that said, it's an ongoing discussion I have had for the past 5 years and I am still nowhere closer to finding anything that can change my point of view. I understand competition and I welcome every bit of it, I sometimes catch myself competing without shame. Ultimately, I gain so much more by sharing than by conquering.

In conclusion, what I have found extremely gratifying is RT'ing links or resources with my own "twist" and more often than not, I find great conversations with new people in 140 characters.

Thank you for stopping by, Christine. What I found interesting as well is that I spotted a question similar to mine on LinkedIn from an analyst firm this morning. What a small world!

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