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@Bonnie - I could make the case for a really meaty piece of content, like a manual, or a short book at the appropriate moment in the relationship. There needs to be a strategy behind it though, or it's just one expensive piece of business development material.

@Davina - being a student is important, yes. Learning critically, though. It's not fun when we all agree with everything :)

@Anthony - glad to be helpful.

@Jon - I as thinking of a way that would translate for organizations. I quite liked out that came out. People have always responded to people, now there is more evidence that is the case, I think.

Some excellent advice here. I particularly relate to the idea of putting people in front (11).

As marketing and communication changes we're seeing a greater need for "people's voices" not brands.

Great post!

Great post Valeria! This will help a lot as I refine my writing strategy and focus my content on my audience. Very well put.

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