Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Crisis Communications in Social Media: Are You Ready?


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I have translated to Spanish your article. I hope that has not imported you...
I am learning English translating...

you can read it in:

I think that is very interesting, but i am so much pessimistic about the future of the world, with o without bussiness... so my opinion about the rrpp is hard... no because of their intentions, it can be a good person and have to lie because the oil is in the tube but the employeers are being enslaved... I think that the actual society is finite, so i only can tell what happened, because of i am studying journalism, while i dont know for who yet...

Glad you're sharing the post, Justin. We need to elevate the conversation to make it a best practice in the industry.

The online participant may be there for marketing reasons. How do we train them to become better listeners? To know what to listen for?

Having a business continuity plan in place is also very helpful when you're involved in a disaster. There are many companies doing drills. I know several Government agencies do cyber attack exercises, for example, on a routine basis. Until very recently, when I worked on the company side, we did fire drills and rigorous crisis communications table top exercises (was in risk management, chemical manufacturing and IT infrastructure services).

Hi, all. A lot of strong insight here that translates from old school crisis management to dealing with a social media crisis. That said, two main trends stand out to me based on the post and comments:

1) Try ICEing it before a crisis hits. Remove those principles from a crisis setting and they equal an online community participant that adds value and builds goodwill.

2) Do a crisis fire drill. Walk your people through the scenarios they may face when 48 hours response is way to long online.

Does anyone know companies or case studies of organizations doing crisis fire drills?

Nice post, Valeria. Sending it along to some of my colleagues here at FH.

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