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Great read. But I'm wondering when Donna says that GenY is the first generation to have entrepreneurial role models what she would call great entrepreneurs such as Levi Strauss, Andrew Carnegie, and Ray Croc? Technology certainly lets new entrepreneurs brand themselves faster and more effectively, but the history of capitalism is full of impressive role models. I'd be curious to see a comparison of the current breed of young entrepreneurs to those in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. Hunger for riches is a strong motivator, especially during unstable economic times. What I'd be curious to know more about, and maybe Donna covers this, is what factors have motivated innovation, beyond money, given the fact our public educational system does not encourage it. I may need to get the book!


Glad you enjoyed meeting Donna Fenn. She's a very captivating writer and storyteller. I loved learning about these young entrepreneurs and how differently they're viewing the world or work and its opportunities today.

Wow, this is such a fabulously interesting article. I tend to speed read and skip parts of blogs, but not this one, I was totally captivated and inspired by your interesting comments, and I love the close - sunscreen!! As a Baby Boomer, I've tended to shy away from the new modern technology, but I'm starting to realise that I need to accept it and use it to move forward and to keep up. Thanks for your great research, I will now check out your book.

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