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Agreed. I think many businesses, as they get more successful, tend to forget that the customer has choices. Ignore them and they'll go elsewhere.

@Valeria I definitely agree. Weren't there some Staples (or some other similar company) commercials not too long ago where the customer pushed a button and what they needed appeared or something of that nature? Similarly & ideally, customers should be able to IM with you with 1 click, not have to go through 15 levels of an automated phone menu when they want to talk, find the product they want immediately online, etc, etc. And then once they get to a person, that person needs to be empowered to take decisive action for them.

This is something organizations are underestimating, to their detriment. Frank Eliason at Comcast provided a clear path to getting things resolved. Customer support is marketing. Frank didn't resolve everything by himself, he was just the one button you could use to get resolution from Comcast. He got the organization aligned to solving the issues behind the scenes.

True that on internal collaboration playing a huge role in streamlining the path.

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