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@Jon - that was a very good insight. Content is the total communications dynamic. The whole losing control conversation is not about the fact that companies never had it, they did, or that they don't anymore, they do. It's how and where the experience is arranged that have changed.

@Teresa - so we need to expand our idea of relationships and take knowledge flows and being in flow with it into account. Content is in fact what sets us apart while it connects us. Good thing you're the content girl as you'll get to experience this up close. Looking forward to seeing what you do to shape the conversation further.

I'd wager that the relationships among pieces of content, the connective tissue that holds this crazy social web of ours together, are the most important part of...well...everything, really. Going further, the relationships WE have with content are a big part of the puzzle as well.

I think you sum that up really nicely in this sentence:

"The more part is that you need to start thinking about your content as the excuse for people to friend each other, not the other way around."

That right there shows just how seriously content is being taken now, which I love (being the content girl, of course). :) Content is why we're here, and I think it's so engrained in our lives, so much a part of how we live, that we take it for granted.

Great post, Valeria. :)

It's amazing how social has made the "brands as publishers" dreams of 2006 into a viable reality.

That being said, I think we're redefining the word "content" or at least changing it's scope. Content used to be the brand's creative output. Content is now the total communications dynamic.

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