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@Jeremy - Drucker is a classic. I wrestled on whether to include leadership books, I have so many, and ultimately decided to weigh in with more practical/applicable for marketing and social media. Good call on your selections.

@John - wow, love the detail about why you recommend the books you list, thank you! I'm particularly intrigued by Dee Hock's books, I'm making a note of both titles for the next time I hit order on my shopping cart. As for the list of worst books... that's a bit tricky, isn't it? There's an audience for any book, for example these are the books that stand the test of time for me. Will need to think about that as I normally don't buy/read bad books :)

@RaynaNyc - I have a whole post, actually more than one, dedicated to that book. Good suggestion.

@Bruno - I was wrestling with adding leadership book and decided to keep them out this time around.

@Jim - I concur on Kevin Kelly. I'm an avid reader of Techium and love how he presents complex concepts simply.

@Patrick - what to leave out depends on what you're looking for a little, doesn't it? Also, I read many books over the years that I didn't have immediate application for and yet were super useful in expanding my horizons later.

@Matt - did I mention this was my post? Of course the list is my take ;) Given that many of these books talk about marketing, trends, and business practices, which are usually the topics I cover on this blog, it's easy to see how they'd age more quickly given how much social media and the empowered consumer have accelerated the pace of change. Thank you for adding to everyone's list.

Great list, however "stand the test of time"? Weren't most of these published within the last 10 years?

I still think that "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is the best book to span the decades - and has even more practical implementation with the experience economy that we are in today.

Also would add the book "Love is the Killer App" by Tim Sanders on to this list as it really discussed the meaning of business 2.0 before the uptick of social media etc.


There are so many great books (including all those mentioned already) I'd love a post on ultimately what to leave out/what kinds of books you feel aren't worth your time, within the realm of marketing etc.

So many books, so little time.

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