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@Richard - "Although I think it would have been more effective for a brand that wasn't as known as Old Spice" and greater sales, say more about that. What I heard from people who used to know the old Old Spice is that it stings and they would not use it... so maybe there is a new product launch in the near term that this campaign was prepping the ground for? Thinking out loud here.

@Justin - by doing that, they did increase the volume and diversity of conversation. Because while celebrities and key influencers may talk something up, it's the rest of the people that make the talk interesting/useful around an idea. We'll see what that was for ;)

While enlisting key influencers is important, I think the smartest thing they did was foster a 2-way conversation between the company and their customers. Social media enables dialogue and Old Spice took advantage...

It was a well executed social media campaign. Although I think it would have been more effective for a brand that wasn't as known as Old Spice. I am pretty sure most people know what "Old Spice" is. If say a new product had this kind of buzz surrounding it, I am sure that would have led to a greater increase in sales (which is any goal of advertising). I'd be interested to see if people decided to switch to Old Spice due to this campaign.

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