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David over a Heroic Destiny had a pretty good post about using Delicious to track comments: ...similar to Bryan's strategy above.

This has changed the way that I handle outreach and engagement both personally and for clients.

I love delicious. I use it to save articles that I found useful around the topics that are of interest to me and my readership base. When someone asks me a question about a particular topic, I tweet them a link (or email them) to an article on my own blog I might have written but also reference additional resources by sending them to the tag on my delicious account for the topic in question.

I think it's underutilized by many (at least in my opinion). But anyway, I agree that it's a completely effective resource.

@Elizabeth - happy Tuesday to you. Indeed, the PR use of Delicious and other social media tools warrants a post on its own, which I may write in the next couple of weeks. Glad this is a useful topic. I have tons of creative ideas about tools. I tend to hold back because without a strategy, tools can be frustrating and a time suck.

@Steve - love it. Yes, authors who are online savvy can really amplify their presence and make it easy for others to find their content. Good tips. And thank you for coming back to share the extra link for the Facebook page embed.

@Ian - to me when companies and people do things exclusively for self interest, like SEO juice, they end up building bad karma for themselves and their brands. Do they think people are selectively stupid and don't see that? We're all quite savvy online by now. On the other hand, the bar is still so low that a company and individual with the right intention and willingness to share good content and be helpful does gain share of conversation and attention.

@Joel - thank you for sharing resources with us. It's very interesting to see how others use these tools.

@Tamara - ditto, excellent sharing and I'm sure we'll all get great ideas from each other. I learn so much about people from seeing what their interests are.

@Scott - I'm so glad to discover I'm not the only one using some of these tools to think about frameworks and trends. iPad... one day. I'm still on my first generation iPhone ;)

@Bryan - great idea about tagging commented on posts. Wish I had thought of that! Good thing you shared it with us.

@Lisa - sometimes we jump into the next tool without utilizing the current one fully. Glad everyone is sharing their tips on this post.

@Connie - love it. Yes, the most underestimated use of man of these tools is to understand better what people are working on, seeing the evolution in their interests and topics, etc. Glad you're teaching that.

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