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I work for a company that sells a reading program and we use social media to provide reading teachers with tips & resources for helping struggling readers. When I clicked on this post I was thinking along the lines of what we use social media to promote the cause of literacy, but as I've worked on doing so I've realized how grateful I am for my own literacy skills & ability to create.

Thank you for the links, Angela. Much appreciated. To top the sentiment of this post, I ended up watching the movie "precious" this past weekend. I could not imagine what life would have been without being able to read and write, articulate thought and access resources. Social media allows for extending those conversations and projects.

(In case anyone is hesitant, the two links are to Angela's posts)


Literacy has always been an evolving concept;one that is defined by context and culture. What social media has brought to the forefront is a global need to consider literacy beyond traditional assumptions.

As you stated in your comment to Jason, literacy is much more than a skill set. It is a mindset; an approach to life and learning.

The ability to read and write, to share our voices with the world, and to rally others around those messages, is now an honor and privilege accessible to every human being-regardless of age, race, background,and experience.

Social media has evened the playing field by introducing new rules to the game. Those who play by the rules;who understand the power of privileges of being literate celebrate every day in this space. Those who hang onto "tradition"; fighting for how things used to be, will be left behind.

Thanks for this post, and for spreading the fight for literacy and the right to be literate to your readers. Here are some resources to share.

New National Standards:

Changing Literacy Rules

New Literacies for the Web-

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