Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 3 Ways Communicators can Help Businesses Move the Needle Online


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Great Post! There are also a number of services out there that play the role of communicator and manage/grow a companies' social media presence. Perhaps this a route companies who are still "sitting on the sidelines" should consider...

Item #2 is so important, Valeria.

We've seen the "California Gold Rush" of companies jumping on Facebook and Twitter. We've seen them "do it wrong" (whether you like that phrase or not) by using social channels "the same old-fashioned way" -- as one-way broadcasting of ad-like messages. And, in the best cases, we're seeing companies engage and interact with customers...but still with a focus on making the immediate sale.

What we haven't seen much of (yes, there are SOME examples) is companies using what customers say online as intelligence for improving operations. Sure, some companies do it -- but they're very progressive compared to the majority of businesses.

It takes a humble attitude to accept criticism as a window into your own weaknesses, and to use that feedback to create a new strength.

I like your candor, Shari. I'm glad the post resonated with you. Listening is hard when busy doing. It's especially difficult for businesses that are not built around it. Listening requires a new infrastructure baked into the business.

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