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Spam is bad - and all hype with no meat is bad too. Finding those rare gems that get lost in the middle is harder - and honestly should you really be using your time to look for them?

@Beth - unfortunately many of these efforts are starting to resemble more cheap spam than serious and revolutionary marketing efforts. More the new "make money from home" scams than spaces to grow new ways to connect. Also, a culture of entitlement is winning over that of earning your stripes. Which is a bad example for young and inexperienced workers to want to emulate. It's much harder to build and run a company than it is to talk about it, etc.

@Justin - glad the post was helpful. There are serious marketers out there who deserve to break through the clutter of subpar junk. One can usually tell a program conceived from experience and passion like the examples I provided.

This comment comes at the most amazing time for me. I have literally just put the wheels in motion on an idea that embodies everything you have recommended here. As I was reading your post I got more and more excited to realize that I am definitely on the right track.

Amazing the timing of some of the content I read online. That is why I love blogs and social media so much.

Great job thanks

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