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I am Anton KOp,a Business Accountancy, degree 3 student. Marketing Management is one of my major course for semester 2. As a major project on this course, I decided to base my project task on "connecting with customers". Therefore, could you please, send me some information inrelation to my project task.

Connecting with customers and prospects is all about real communication. The "corporate speak" of past is long gone and those that embrace the principles of social media will flourish and prosper. I think this is where the small business can excell over any bigger company.

@Mars - companies don't care about anything, they're entities ;) People, on the other hand, vary. Sometimes they need to get out of their own way, or of each other's way to help customers see they care. You seem to be pointing to an issue of scale. The more layers, the harder to get values transmitted and bought into.

@Joe - on the other hand, there are plenty of ways to kick ass. Glad you were able to get beyond the expression to the sentiment. And yes, I have written abundantly about product and service excellence; the archives swell with posts. One could use some of those tools to observe customers. Again, it's not about the tools, it's about what we do with them. Yet, talking about the tools may be a way to get people thinking about new "old" ways of talking with customers. I pick up the phone and talk to customers, or go meet them face to face. Amazing how much one can get done just by being available. Thank you for the grammar lesson. You know, ESL and all that.

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