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@Bruce - good technique looking at third party content you both share. It gives you common ground on the onset. In person, would that be asking what book someone has read recently they liked?

@Jeannie - it was the first network I joined, after the one I helped create. For having been there since 2003, I have remarkably few connections, comparatively. That's because I have met people before connecting with them. It's also a good business tool, thanks to the new features. Glad you enjoyed the post and congratulations again on your one year anniversary.

Valeria - Love this post and the comments that go with it! I have really gotten SO MUCH more out of LinkedIn groups in the past month than I have for many years. The new formats and features really create better and richer interactions. What's funny is seconds before I saw this post I put this up as my status on Twitter/LinkedIn: "Thanks to LinkedIn groups, I've conversed with people from Australia, South Africa, and the UK this week. Pretty cool." It's been a great way to find like-minded people, get my blog to places I wouldn't have expected it to go, and find interesting content from around the globe. Great insights here - thanks!


You mentioned, "Read between the lines and connect the dots." I usually review the books that a person has listed on their profile. Sometimes a book we both have read or are reading can start the conversation.

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