Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 7 Common Business Pitfalls that Impact Social Media Strategy


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From conversations with my own agencies when I was on the corporate side up until recently, there seems to be a two-part issue with businesses:

1) they don't provide access and support to agencies. Maybe the contact on the inside is too junior, or touches only one part of the business. It's a case of help me, help you, and it's critical to success.

2) there is a superficial understanding of the role of strategy, what it does, what it means, what it needs. Basically, you have a few levers to move to make things happen for your business. Once you identify what you need to move the needle, you go about picking tools and lining up tactics to get there.

How can anyone think that a more tactical approach on the onset, even one that takes into consideration best practices in social media, has a chance compared to a disciplined, aligned, and purposeful program?

On the agency side, there are different, and similar, issues:

1) lack of understanding of the business, the environment it operates in, how it makes money, etc.

2) creative and tactical executions that are not grounded in solid business strategy.

There are exceptions on both sides of the conversation, of course. Fundamentally, "strategy" has become an empty buzzword that sounds good on a resume so everyone's using it without being fully prepared to make good in its promises.


What a resourceful post this is, thank you.

I've seen from my personal experience that many businesses use external social media agencies but never seem to convey their business objectives or goals effectively.

Instead, they just collect as big a following as possible and then wonder why the R.O.I doesn't match up when they check back at their analytics.

Each profile they set up needs to identify exactly what type of action is most often taken by that community.

For instance, it's been suggested that Facebook users respond best to videos.

How can the business work to creatively entice users into sharing *their* content.

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