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And allow you to potentially learn about other issues or questions you may not have anticipated. Thank you for the reflection, Robert.

Control is a major factor is positive customer experiences, or should I say the “feeling” of control. If a customer feels like they are controlling the experience by doing most of the talking and asking questions, the service provider can then drop in a solution that best fits. The mood can be different though when a customer spends most of their time listening before making a decision – if a customer feels like the provider is in control, and not themselves, then the experience is likely to feel less positive. In both of these cases, the solution can be the same, but the loosening of control over the conversation to allow the customer’s perception to change can make a massive difference.

Glad the post -- and article it was based upon -- resonated, Jeannie. So many times we do it all right, and forget to tell the other. Closing communication loops is so important and we often forget. Indeed an impression lasts much longer and affects people's choices more deeply than a quick reaction to something.

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