Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Why and How Influence Works (my SxSW Interactive PanelPicker)


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Hey, that ripple visual looks familiar! :-)

Great panel idea. Look forward to seeing you in Austin Valeria.


Sure, some only measure what they believe to be true.

Others measure to determine whether the observed world corresponds with their mental models.

One seeks to fashion the world in their image whilst the other seeks to fashion their mind in the shape of the world ( or something like this).

Only the later is concerned with "right" and "wrong". The former is about what is believable or unbelievable (often regardless of the evidence).

And this is the paradox. How do you measure the believable (let alone the unbelievable)?

To my mind, if "it" depends on belief, we may in fact be talking about the role of faith on influence.

@Peter - would it be fair to say that it depends on what you believe? I agree, very few take the lifetime it takes to see and uncover what they are inside. And now we're getting all philosophical.

@Brian - And you have experienced this first hand: "Influence maximizes the return on requests to the community at large to lend a hand, it inspires us to grab a tool and help build a better world, to be part of something bigger than ourselves." As I wrote in my post for tomorrow, building community for the community is very different than building it for yourself. It looks different, too, even if you try to disguise it as "helpfulness". Now imagine that after all that, a company reaches out to you and wants to enroll you as "an influencer" to the car community. What would you do/think? Because to a company that sells what is essentially part of your shared passion, you are the target influencer. I'm glad the idea and questions touched a nerve for you, it sounds productive.

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