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I was just having a conversation today with someone - very tech oriented - about how we need to talk about what we do in the customer's terms - what's their story. Even when we get so excited about the new products and services we offer. It's a hard thing for people very technology centric to wrap their heads around - to put themselves in the customers' shoes.

And sometimes salespeople get so excited about selling the new stuff that they, too, get caught up in the technology / features. And they want to shout about it.

We all have to focus on being human and talking to humans. And not get caught up in the widgets, digits and latest super-cool creative idea.

Great post Valeria, grazie!

Your very insightful words convey a message I've tried to get across to CMOs for years - brands can add value to existing conversations and relationships through co-created services, content and utilities. They should not try to create artificial relationships or experiences but they can make existing ones richer.

We've spent 11 years building trust and creating relationships with people who play community sport, making their experiences better through technology. We are now giving brands the opportunity to partner with us, even "piggyback" off the trust and emotional relationships and conversations that exist.

Would love to get your thoughts on whether you think we are on the right track.

Thanks, Umberto

Valeria - I like the way you frame this debate as a universal principle - what is social for (?!).

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