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Even though we're all ultimately trying to sell something, constant calls to action don't work for everyone in every business. In fact, it's refreshing just to give your insights into your business space. If they're smart, and ring true to your reader, he or she is just as likely to sign on, and might even respect the soft sell.

@Eric - it's also about content :) Thank you for running a digest of what might be the positive version. I find that while people identify what not to do, it's harder to follow a specific roadmap for what works.

@Sarah - which teaches us to be nice to all, or "love everyone". You never know who has off line connections, which is where the real stuff gets done.

Great post, enjoyed reading it - yes it is about context and using the right content in the right context.

A follower on twitter doesn't have to be a prospect, they can also be a influencer of potential prospects who will share your content.

I guess the networking part is all.

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