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@Mark - I agree. True game changers are not a tweak or a version of what we have now. Is direction unhelpful then?

@Brian - try now. I fubarred the link. Glad you had a chance to digest. It's a lot of info.

@Valeria - :)

Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab the hyperlink; just looked at the graphic. Today, it seems the hyperlink is dead. Bummer.

As someone disinterested in maps (always provide existing routes to existing places), I can see how this graphic might be suggesting directions for those of us who prefer using a compass. It makes a bit more sense, now that I've had a day to think about it. Thanks!

The hardest future events to predict are the true game changers. It is somewhat easy to be right by extrapolating based on current events and problems but the unforeseen big events are the ones that will be relevant when we get there.

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