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@Gabriele - often I do not know what I'm thinking until I write it. Writing didn't come easy to me in English, that's why I read so much in the beginning and over the years. When I was doing translation and interpreting work in the US, it was not seen as a big deal, and not paid very well. A translator needs to have a very good grasp of creating the context in another language for the meaning to come across with the words. No small feat.

@Bill - you are correct. Since I studied both English and American literature, I learned quickly how the two groups were separated by a common language ;)

@Scott - and I bet it does help you with business writing.

Very cool post. I love writing fiction in the evenings after work, as my business writing is often very limiting. Fiction writing is a fun outlet. I find it interesting, that writing for social media - where you have to be concise, precise, and clear - helps my fiction writing. Good comments, here, too. :)

A small but important point: John Irving writes in English but he is an American, through and through. His fiction is deeply rooted in the people, the places, and the moral and social fabric of New England. Reading (and, I suspect, translating) Irving into Italian would I suspect be an adventure.

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