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Indeed, if you're planning to be dispersive, there are plenty of better places to do that. Walking in a park, exercising, meeting up with friends, etc. Good to meet you in the comments, btw.

It looks like I would pretty much break a lot of those rules myself.
I particularly liked the 9th one.
I strongly believe you have to love what you're doing and WHERE you're doing it, I even wrote a post on my blog about it, that's the key to efficiency and productivity in my opinion.
Nice read :)

@Lance - glad you'll check his book out. I've gotten a lot out of it and I've been reading the blog all along.

@Christa - the way I see it, if it doesn't exist and you see the need or want to, make it happen. There is nothing more attractive than finding a simple solution for a problem, making someone's life easier or more inspired. The unremarkable rules tend to be complicated and fixed, confronting a constantly changing reality. Good on you about being more creative with homework!

@Frank - it's my mother's fault, you know. She taught me that I should look for my answers and not blindly accept hers. It's an interesting journey that way. I'm not sure it's easier, though. I find it helpful to use the simple question "is that true?" when I sense I'm getting into default thinking mode. Thank you for the auguri ;)

@Alexandra - that's too funny! My mother made me scrap all the old rules and rethink how I should be as a woman and professional. That was quite huge from someone born and raised in a vary Catholic family and taught that as a woman you learn how to cook, run a house, and raise a family. Imagine what she would have done had she been in a different environment. The more I think about it, the luckier I feel. The other thought on productivity is carving out space to be creative, let your mind roam and relax... we probably do less of this.

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