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Congrats, Valeria! Four years of creating valuable and thoughtful content on a very regular basis is admirable.

Happy birthday, Valeria's blog ;)

@Ed - I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for reading for so long!

@Mike - we were part of a special group, all starting around the same time or earlier and building relationships through conversations. Thank you for continuing to be a member of the community.

@Adam - I'm so glad you joined the ranks of publishers. Your contributions in breadth and depth have been significant.

@Anne - I have your scarf right here cheering me on on dry days, when inspiration is a bit slower to come by ;)

@Laura - thank you for reading and for taking the time to let me know.

@Alessandra - we'll get you to write in English one day soon. Maybe even a video. Thank you for your support, and for coming out on what was probably the worst snow day during/after the holidays to meet me.

@Beth - thank you for the continued encouragement and friendship, both of which I treasure. I'm so glad we met and that our projects and lives continue to intersect.

@James - thank you for stopping by and for the cheering. I appreciate it.

@Rosemary - I noticed your active involvement for which I am grateful. You would be surprised at the numbers of people who subscribe by email, it's quite high.

@Ryan - thank you again for the opportunity to talk about PR for your article. Keep up the good work.

@Michael - thank you so much for your support and for the thoughtful eCard. Hope the new job is going splendidly.

@Justin - the nerve! I know, I'm slacking ;) I am taking Beth up on her suggestion. Stay tuned.

@Jasper - I am so glad to meet you here. That's good company you list me with, thank you! Glad the content is helpful to you. I'm working to publish even more stories and useful information that people can adapt to their business to advance the space using conversation to really dig a bit more into what works and what can use some help. I'm sure I can count on you to keep me honest.

@Scott - thank you for stopping by.

@Lance - thank you for the kudos. I'll take them ;)

@Chris - so looking forward to your evening next week. The review and recommendation is out tomorrow. Thank you for agreeing to write the post with everything else you have going on.

@Terri - you are one of the most inspirational people I met in the last couple of years. Thank you for all you do and for being out there being you.

@Glenn - yes, and tomorrow (Friday) you will learn just how much I challenge the status quo ;)

@Armando - what a coincidence! Well, then a toast to both of us.

@Shonali - glad to have you here every day. What counts is that you get value out of reading.

@Christa - I have been kicking butt with posts lately, so you might want to take a tour of some recent posts ;) I have many email subscribers who love getting the daily post.

@Tom - I could have written 19 books in the same space. Amazing, isn't it? 1,265 posts.

@Darren - hope I won't disappoint by leaving Third Tribe. Six months in and I logged in only a handful of times. It's a great community, just not what *I* need at this time in my career/life. You are welcome here any time, of course. You have an infectious energy and positive outlook that can make any day a good day.

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