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@Andy - you are correct, people prefer not to do the work to sift through information if there is a way to acquire that knowledge by downloading a resource. Useful products work.

@Chris - quality, specialized information that solves a problem has a market, and it's more scalable than consulting services. A simple and elegant solution to the billing problem can be a differentiator. I'll be curious to know how fares. Some of the most successful and longest running newsletter don't have pretty designs. They do have super useful information you cannot get anywhere else. One for content.

@Roger - yes, already if I want to learn about a specific subject, I rely mostly on the knowledge and the relationships established over the years with my off line network. What you share is one potential execution. On another note, I see that you started a Twitter list of social media peeps and so far there are only guys on it. I'd be fascinated to learn the rationale. Are those the people whose content you'd pay for?

@Susan - I see evidence every day that you don't need to have hundreds of followers and fans to get started. You just need to address a problem in a way that nobody else is addressing. People ask me for recommendations all the time and I have still very few to give.

@James - newspapers are not about content, they're about news. Jut because you can write and share it doesn't mean that the content you're writing and sharing is valuable to people. And be my guest on going elsewhere for freebies. Charging for something valuable is a good way to screen out those who don't have a commitment to a topic/industry/network, and community.

IMHO with the shear amount of free content available trying to charge for it would not work (look at newspapers).

The ability to create and share is largely what fueled web 2.0 and continues to do so.

If your charging for content what would stop me from getting else where for free?

Is anyones content really more valuable than someone else's?

I'm intrigued by this. I don't think I've reached the level where this would work. But I'd love to get there.

Thanks for posting!

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