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I definitely haven't personally seen Cookie used as a verb in the business circles I've run in. Nor do we use it. But I'm not surprised that it has.

The point that traditional marketing push has run out of juice cannot be understated. I think we're all over saturated with messages. I know I filter out most everything unless it sparks an emotional chord. That's getting harder and harder for me. (Or my filter's getting stronger).

That said, I just read how new web standards - html5 is opening the door to further penetration of cookies and will make it harder to remove them from your computer, further eroding whatever privacy you thought you had - or could maintain - online. Unscrupulous advertisers could use them to get a lot more personal data than the average user might think possible. And it'll be tough for web browsers to keep up and manage them all:

Valeria, apparently they are humans too. This is the reason why we do perform web monitoring with a staff of copywriters and publicists: people that can read and understand before turning everything in a bottom line.

@Suyog - not if you opted out, they are not, which I did. In addition to lack of transparency, there is a lack of respect and consideration for customers. I have repeatedly opted out of telemarketing calls with current providers to continue to get annoying recorded phone calls. Which is when I buy with competitors.

@Gianandrea - what gets me is that marketers are people, too, aren't they?

@Brian - I have been in enough inside conversations to know that we need to start thinking about customers differently. And of value, of course. Then again, often the direct marketing teams don't collaborate well with the demand generation people. In that case, the one cookie is the only reward perceived for the group and they must have it :)

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