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@Eric - intriguing concept about planting many seeds and caring for them to sprout roots.

@Patrick - and sometimes it is hard to do that because we either overvalue our creations and don't pay attention to market signals, or underestimate the potential success of a well-thought out and made piece of content. It is about the journey.

@Gabriele - sounds like you're in the community-building phase of your work. And indeed for some, it never gets to selling content directly. Instead, it may be about employing it to achieve other goals.

@Anilia - yes, to continue with my own analogy, if the sampling is not satisfying, you will not go back for the full meal. Good to have you stop by.

Your post is interesting in that there are so many bloggers who make their full-time income indirectly from their content. I think producing free and valuable content is an important stepping-stone for businesses to engage future customers, but like you said, in and of itself, if there's no value in your free content, then you're not likely to generate income from your paid content.

I don't see my company earning directly from content anytime soon, also 'cause this is not the main purpose of our social media effoert at all. In some cases, like mine, content creation is indeed a way to build community and engagement around your activity, giving some (hopefully) valuable content for free to a community supporting you.

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