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@Peter - how did the session go? It sounded like a solid flow from what you described here.

@Gabriele - in the lat few years, many have come to expect a lot of free advice and work. Thankfully, there are market corrections. Honorable people, those you want to do business with, insist on paying for value.

Knowing when and how to draw the line between investment and paid project is a real tough thing. It's always a good thing to give enough to stimulate one's thought, to provide value content in order to start a deeper process, which can be treated in-depth as a paid consulting service. Basically, I can scratch your back for free with one finger, but for the whole hand I'll need something in return. The key is making people realize the "appetizer" value of the content you give.
I remember my old web programmer times where friends would ask for suggestions about running their own website, knowing however I would charge them if they wanted the whole project managed by my company. Some will accept, some will not, the important is not to be afraid about it.

Perfect timing. I have a session with one of my clients this morning. It is essentially an internal workshop to help the staff better understand the flow of content and where they fit in the process.

Our session covers 5 topics: FIND/DISCOVER/OBSERVE (info/insights), SHARE (stories/photos/video), INVITE (people/companies), ENGAGE (ask/answer/appreciate), EVOLVE (manage).

"Give people content they can use" works beautifully as a reference point and addition to the conversation we'll have today.

Thanks for sharing!

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