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@Gabriele - to me this says "we think about you, and we care", which is the best thing you can communicate through action in a service business. I bet they hire for attitude, too.

@Patrick - I'm thinking I should be rereading the part about "not invented here" in Dan Ariely's The Upside of Irrationality (reviewed it here, too, see recommended books). It must be that psychological stumbling block. Otherwise, why not do what works, to spite customers?

@Raul - thank you for following the conversation with us.

@Valeria - I do agree leading by example is always a great motivator.

@Anne - thanks for mentioning me in your comment.

@Gabriele - I think every company that genuinely empowers their employees is most of the time on the winning end.

Year after year I come back to the Ritz Carlton's model of customer service. They get it right by empowering their employees. Hopefully Josh's Empowered will help other companies finally figure this secret out and implement it successfully.

There are few examples as strong as the Ritz. And does it not say a bit about companies' lack of focus on such service levels that virtually no company has been able to up the ante? (Zappos aside). You'd think after all this time more companies would realize the power of delivering service that creates such wow and delight - and move beyond merely talking about it.

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