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An agenda is essential for any meeting that is longer than five minutes and about more than one thing.

Having an agenda is a positive thing as long as one don't feel he has to stick to it at all costs. While I value organization, I don't like getting too strict, it kinda kills spontaneous creativity, if you know what I mean.

@Jeffrey - I have been thinking about your comment since this morning. Indeed that is the case, and it prompts me to reconsider some of my communications.

@Jim - it's useful to have thought about an issue and present direction.

@Nick - setting expectations and also leaving some room for new ideas is a good mix.

@Brian - I sense an engineering mind working alongside a journeyman in this comment.

@Mark - I do wonder, as many of you have brought it up implicitly, do people realize they have not stated they agenda?

@Tom - are we optimizing our way out of relevance though?

@Peter - more than once, I have found myself in a meeting where the real conversation started on the way back to various offices. Your comment about Tom's colleague is the same exact situation I faced today. When IABC Heritage decided that the presenters decks should be made available for conference attendees several days ahead of the conference for the purpose of... (stated) to the one you describe.

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