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Fascinating theme.

There is a trick to all this - the best way to see a persons agenda is to allow self organizing meetings.

Meeting agenda's are instruments of power and fear.

Open agenda's are often subjugated by a meeting Agenda that exclude emergent conversation or exhaust time until there are only fragments to consider what might be more relevant to the those present.

I'm intrigued by Tom's colleague. I think its bad advice and a lazy rule to live by.


I had a colleague who would not go to meetings for which she hadn't received an agenda.

She always said, "If you can't tell me why we are meeting, and why it will take that long, you aren't ready for a meeting."

A bit harsh, but in our busy world, it seems a good way to avoid meaningless meetings.

Great distinction between stated agendas and hidden agendas. That makes all the difference in the world.

I LOVE stated agendas, as I think most people do since it helps set expectations and everyone communicate more clearly.

Sadly, most people just wing it most of the time (yes, I'm guilty of this too)!

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