Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How Much is Your Brand Worth to a Fan?


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Think about how difficult this becomes when you're looking for donations, volunteering, advocacy, etc. ;-) Being in an industry that is so steeped in direct mail, we frequently have discussions about direct marketing vs brand marketing, how social media affects the LTV of donors, and more. Regardless of the exact question, we always come back to the point that nonprofits have to offer value to their donors just like for-profits have to offer value to their customers.

For the very nature of my business I am answering this more from a customer point of view than from a manager one. And I totally agree on what you say: "when you genuinely like someone and demonstrate that, they generally like you back".

It works for me as a customer, I humanize the brand when I feel there's a human behind it, it's hard-wired in our brains, social media is just a new chance to make use of it.

@Ben - it's a more natural way of looking at it, plus it now opens up opportunities in R&D, sustainability, community outreach and development, and more that the other view blocks.

@Melody - when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change...

@Ricardo - as you know, I write my posts on weekends and they usually follow a thread throughout the week. The reaching out part comes more naturally when it's halfway, when the customer is also coming to you the other half of the way. I'm reminded of a technique a friend once shared with me on how to become a great lover ;) Good thinking in your comment.

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