Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How PR can Expand an Organzation's Story


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@Christa - have you read "Switch"? I'm rereading it because it really helps you understand how to guide people toward a destination. I reviewed it here (see recommended books).

@TJ - how always comes after what. If the organization understands the press release, use that to tell a story.

@Michelle - you can get creative when you're attuned to conversations. I like to strike a balance between what people say they want, and what I see them do ;)

Really interesting point of view! I'd noticed it of course but hadn't yet dug into the story behind the logo.
We started to try exactly this at Synthesio with videos showing the interesting things you can discover with social media monitoring, but I like the idea of drawing out a piece of news :)


Thanks for not hopping on the "press releases are dead" bandwagon. When done properly, they can advance a story.

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