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@Brian - and it would have not killed them to show you they heard you.

@Alexandra - "Business is service" yes, and all business is social, too.

@Brian - "adopt social initiatives naturally, as it intuitively supports those activities" a very important statement to think about. Why it is so hard? Where do we start? Good comments, as always.

@Vee - Yes, a response would have been the minimum. However, I know that many organizations are concerned with backlash to the response. What would have made the company right its wrong in your view?

@Gabriele - we actually root for the underdog. That should give people plenty of hints. A respectful behavior and a willingness to be helpful go a long way...

@Jeff - yay! I like inspiring. So you were left with the emotional aftertaste of the experience without closure. What a missed opportunity for USAir. You don't care about the next promotion, look at me now as I'm having the problem. am I right?

Thank you Valeria.

This is a great post, well thought out and well researched. I had a spat with US Airways on the way back from my honeymoon and found out first-hand how little interest they have in dealing with people on the social web.

You actually inspired me to finish a blog post that I had about 75% written.

Very nice data you have here. I can confirm all this from both a customer and a manager point of view, because I can see myself in those behaviors and I had customers come back when their problems were promptly solved.
From my experience, even if the customer experience is a mess, one "save" at the last minute makes all the difference between an angry, counter-productive customer and someone who is going to come back in the future despite the incident.

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