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@Lance - Reagan was very loved in Europe, regardless of what people thought of his political persuasions.

@Steve - in the book, she applies it to examples. Illuminating.

@Patrick - I can tell you that reading this book has already transformed how I prepare for existing decks (this week) and how I choose to weave the big idea as I present. It is very powerful and I know you will all benefit from the changed perspective. Plus, you have such a good team! I know they will eat this up.

@Ike - there is also something to be said for the power of our own imagination. In the book, MLK's "I have a dream" speech is so powerful because he uses rhetoric and cadence to depict a different future. Amazing, what art and foresight!

@Cindy - a really good journalist I had the privilege of hosting once explained how he was trained and the fact that it was more Shakespeare than analytics.

@Gabriele - glad to be helpful. Honestly, when I use a book right away, I can't wait to share the information about it. This book rewired my thinking about how to deliver presentations.

@Peter - I wish more "social media people" understood what you just wrote here. And you gave me something to ponder about "incommensurability" in relationships as well. I just love when things have direction.

Thank you,

I'll get a copy.

Personally, I'm trying to re-introduce the concept of story telling to the law and agreements and contracts.

We forget in business that our story is recorded in the contracts we enter. In a economy marked by relationship capital rather than physical capital, what holds the network together are the promises we all make. Nothing is more important than ensuring that these promises join together and sing.

Sadly, we've lost our voice for promises and now make then in hope and keep them in fear. You only need to look at finance contracts to reliase the people who write these could learn alot from screen play writers and start focusing on telling better stories.

Some stategies I use to help communicate and write contracts (stories):

# visualise the relationship by drawing it

# ask the parties to read their parts of the contract to each other ( and the shared rights/obligations together) - this is an incredible process that would halve the amount of litigation that goes on in the world. Its a simple strategy that can save you lots of money in future legal fees. ( It also creates a sence of commercial intimacy that can be a valuable asset as the world changes).

There is a word of caution about communicating big ideas. There is a concept call "incommensurability". It's the ideas that groups operating in different paradigms can't communicate. Standing in the same position, looking in the same direction they see, hear, feel vastly different things.

Off to buy the book now.


Sounds like a great book. Appealing to the visual brain of individuals is a sure way to really "resonate" and create content that will stick to them. I have already in mind a few people to whom suggesting to take a deeper look into it, thanks!

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