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It's so great to hear storytelling training make its way into the mainstream. This is how journalists are taught to think - write stories that tell a story and will resonate with readers. As a former PR person, we were taught to think this way so we could work effectively with journalists. Now that everyone is becoming a citizen-journalist through blogs and social media, the training is spreading more broadly. I love it!

Thanks for the links!

Too many people are conflating "visual" with "video." Often, video ends up being too busy and too amateur, and includes a bunch of extraneous elements that detract from the intended message.

(Books are ordered...)

Wow. Love this. Sent this to our internal team for inspiration - both this review / book and previous post on giving presentations to change the world. We need to step away from the Powerpoint and think first about the story we're trying to tell and what we want people to do after. I think most approach it from perspective of "here are all the bullets of information" I have to share rather than weaving it into a memorable story.

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