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@Anne - I think customers are much more advanced than marketers and organizations when it comes to using different tools to communicate. And no, the fundamentals have not changed.

@Eric - glad to see I did.

@Eva - thank you for stopping by.

@Melody - tactical approaches look like that: outposts everywhere, whether that makes sense for a company or not. And testing is good, however, you need to stick with something a little while before you know if it will generate interest. I'm a fan of picking what you can stick with and making it work.

@Valeria - I too have seen articles (even blog articles) that blogs are dead. Fewer people produce content because people are now spending more time in social media?

Of course my bias is that blogging isn't dead, but it just isn't for most people because most people are not committed to continuing the creative venture they start with their blog. It becomes too much of a chore and they give up, and hence there must be millions of abandoned blogs out there.

But you said something that resonated with me: Have so many outposts. The corporation feels like that it has to play with every new media/ social media toy only to realize that it reaches few people and doesn't excite their customers.

I have truly watched Starbucks do this time and time again. Here is one example:

Starbucks spent all of a couple of months thinking 12 second video was cool, and then abandoned it and moved on.

Wouldn't it be nicer to have fewer outposts but each outpost (blogs, twitter) really have meaningful content that customers want to see?

Hey, and long live blogs! ;)

That's right Anne, I think in the same way as you..Marketing is Marketing and the fundamentals are there..The art of selling products that fulfill the customers need, :) or make them believe that it will..and yes it is pretty much fun to market on the Web 2.0, with tools like Twitter for example.

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