Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 5 Reasons Why Listening is so Much More than Monitoring


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@Sue Anne - rewarding each other is very powerful. I've always loved giving gifts. It's a reward to be able to offer a gesture, or a thing, and let the other know you thought of them.

@Gabriele - after so many years of corporate inquisition, it's quite hard for people on the inside to not be scared.

@Rusty - the truth is everyone is talking about ROI because they want to look like they have a clue. When that is one single metric. And at times it won't tell you whether something is worth doing or not, either. Really, how hard is that? It's one financial measure: are you spending more than you are making? Period.

I hope most of you noted the great concept found in Alexandra Reid's comment: "Return on Avoiding Pain." If more CEOs would put as much emphasis on that as they do on ROI, they would truly operate in the best interests of their shareholders.

Lurking vs. being actively engaged. That's a common problem for many brand, giving the human touch to their social presence. Automatic programs can monitor (like the AT&T automatic monitoring tool), but it takes real people to listen, and to act.

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