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@Mark - guess people justify their actions in all kinds of ways, don't they? In the end, you do what you can as due diligence. No research, however spells trouble. The Web is a serious place for business, which means that all kinds of crooks are now prowling for prey.

@Tressa - in some cases, the desire to save a few dollars is very compelling. It's possible that a search didn't net other vendors or merchants with the item sought... once a decision is made, and someone seems to have what you're looking for, well, prudence gives way to impulse fairly frequently.

I read the story earlier today and was absolutely shocked that anyone would purchase from an "unknown" vendor without Googling their name in combination with "review" or "complaints." It's something I do automatically - for products, brands, vendors, anyone I'm not already working with!

very interesting... i've been in the search engine optimization field for quite a while and although this doesn't surprise me it's still shocking.

although i read reviews and learn from them there is a little part of me that always wonders if the product owner or store owner isn't behind some of the raving reviews as well.

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