Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - BlackRock Takes Stock of its Social Media Assets: Employees


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@Gabriele - it proves that you can do a lot when you're willing to try things. Why we call some people and companies leaders, too.

@Patrick - anyone of us who has experience with implementing change in processes knows that adoption will make or break an initiative. That was also my favorite part of the conversation.

Not having spent any time inside an investment bank but knowing how regulated they are, it's great to see a company like BlackRock embracing social. I especially love the concept of the 'internal villain' in order to get sales to adopt new modes of operating - something I think all marketers struggle with. And a concept I'll share with my team today!

Wow that's an awesome approach, it's incredible to see such an innovation on a juggernaut corporation like BlackRock.
Plus, the genius idea they had for the sales reps is something that definitely made me think *mumbles* ;)

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