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Do you think it's possible for a company to have too much customer service? I ask semi-jokingly, because the odds of that actually happening are so low, but still -- what do you think?

And your comment about that skirt made me want to go buy one for my wife. But its a braver man than I who would do that, I think.

It's nowadays not just what you sell, but how you sell it, and what added value you provide to it. The Apple example I saw in a previous comment comes immediately to my mind as well. But I could cite many other examples, like Mercedes cars or Blizzard games.
Everyone can sell a computer, a car or a videogame, and for how much the quality can be comparable, it's the added, perceived value that makes customers shift to one brand or the other.

This post and many of the comments are highly applicable to the travel and tourism sector which has been industrialised and and commoditised. Tourism suppliers are in the experience design business" but I eschew the word industry because it is too mechanical. I like Neil Bearse's comment on "show your work". How do travel suppliers do that - by enabling their employees to show they care; to offer personal not scripted service and by telling stories about what goes on behind the scenes. I am as much interested in the people who serve me in a hotel than whether it has a flat screen TV with 150 channels.

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