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@Gabriele - you can insert links, use and just out the link in the post. I spend so much time on researching content (and doing work) that I have not had the chance to figure out the commenting options with TypePad. Although I'm not holding my breath ;) As for crediting, getting a seat at the conversation table involves being responsible and accountable for what one does. Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.

@Lael - why I have very handy DMCA resources and templates ;)

@Tony - I wrote a post a few months ago titled "be a blogger, not a thief" which got some nice comments going pro and cons. The cons, well, they benefit from taking the content of others, don't they? Then again, it is those who do who get ahead and eventually just scraping doesn't really do much. The other thought is that of course the Web is allowing everyone on, so you get a bit of everything there, including people who just don't know/don't have enough education and information to make smart decisions, in addition to those who just don't care.

@Raul - many overlook the benefits of a Creative Commons license. Glad the post was helpful.

@Brian - aren't Calvin and Hobbes terrific? The subtle irony of some of the cartoons really hits my sweet spot.

@Jeff - I think I tweeted one of the posts about that. I wrote this before seeing it on the strength of how many try to rip me off constantly ;) Of course, none of them are me, which makes it really hard on them.

Valeria, with the brouhaha over the Cooks Source plagiarism, your post is deliciously ironic. Regards.

It's Sunday evening. I don't have a story for Monday yet. OMG. ONOEZ.

Last minute panic is that adrenaline shot in the heart seen in the movies. Inspiration striking under these conditions is like riding a lightning bolt. Great, great things can happen, but past performance is no guarantee of future results. People can and do lose money, I mean, miss deadlines.

I'm not really interested in sourcing content. I'd rather source sources. And provide value. And dust off my collection of Calvin and Hobbes books.

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