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@Adam - glad the topic is hitting your sweet spot.

@Gabriele - not everyone will become a content producer, some people will be perfectly fine consuming information and sharing it. How they do both of those things has changed, though, which is the part that matters to PR professionals and marketers.

@Gregory - I'm leaving your comment up, even though it doesn't really address the information in the post (notice everyone that I am not talking about newspapers) and falls apart on logic (therefore you should buy people?). It helps me make a point with businesses: why buy friends who don't really care about you when you can make friends, a fraction of which may become your best advocates and help you reach your goals?

I definitely see traditional newspapers dying off in terms of importance. They're still underrated a bit today, but as time goes on more and more people will get their news online. I actually think a lot of businesses see social networking as the future of discovery of new businesses and sharing news and so forth. That's why companies such as are emerging that sell people social network fans. I think this is a trend that will continue and we will see the media continually reshaped to adjust to this new reality.

The example you give about your mom and dad is really interested, and perfectly sums up the kind of revolution that's going on, especially with the adoption of a new generation of devices like the iPad. Not optimal to produce content, but unbeatable to consume it.

While the information per se might not change, there's a measurable switch in the way people are consuming it on a day-per-day basis, one each of us can see in their small everyday experience.

The next step is that of content-readers becoming content-producers, something we see since the first blogs appeared years ago, but that lately has speeded up dramatically.

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