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Thanks for mentioning Qrait in your post :) I'm the guy working on it (there's just me, I don't have a team of evangelists). I don't know if you have an invite to Qrait yet? If not, then please send me a quick email and I'll hook you up with one so you can try it out yourself to see what you think!

Briefly, I think what is special about Qrait is that I would rather leverage what you already use to find content, rather than force you to use our own sub-standard Twitter/Flickr/whatever interface. That and the pages you curate are realtime, and I'm adding features really fast in response to feedback.

Hi Valeria
I love I have a few of them set up. I use them as listening stations for my industry.

For example I have one set with the #courier hashtag (no, not the defunct Micrsoft tablet, but for delivery services). A quick scan shows me what my competition are sharing and what they are promoting. If it is appearing in two or three editions I follow up and see what is happening.

I use them to stay on top of other industry trends. As a transport company I also have an interest in Internet Marketing, but don't want to be following lots of internet marketers. A for them allows me to keep an eye on what may be useful. I have one for what my real world friends are tweeting about and I use them to sort out the content I retweet.

I use the papers to curate content from lists and hashtags primarily.

It's certainly easier to read than google alerts :)

Just spending a quick word on Flipboard, as I am using it since the very first day it came out on the appstore.
It's surprising how a very simple concept like Flipboard's can manage to stick in the mind of its users so strongly, but I believe this is one of those apps that marks a real change in content fruition, one of those changes that could potentially shape the way we read information.
With some more slight changes (like personalizing the info sources rather than choosing from pre-determined ones) it could really be the reference app for content reading on iOS devices.

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