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The real challenge can be in people not wanting to "communicate" properly in first place. Sometimes it's the employees who are happy the way it is, taking work as a chore (and I've seen so many situations of this kind) and not encouraging the sharing of ideas at all.
And sometimes the problem lays in the management, not enabling people to communicate at their best, not just 'cause of a lack of tools, but mainly 'cause of a lack of positive mindset.

@Peter - I think of feeling as the subtext. One thing I didn't cover in the post is that for the message to be carried across, event in the presence of good subtext, there needs to be repetition. Because all the while, communicators are contending with the voices in the heads of the people they are speaking with. You get a hug from me.

@Brenna - when I studied neurological development, I learned that conversation can and does alter the brain. It would be nice if it could also help change our mind, even just a little.

You are correct. Simple is not always easy. It takes two to communicate: a Sender who is aware of who they are communicating with and how to communicate best with the Receiver and in turn the Receiver who is open to that communication and is aware of whom they are sending and receiving communications with. It's work but if you get it right and spend time understanding the process, the rest will come much easier.

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