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@Beth - glad you liked the video. I do quite enjoy live music, as you know, and this has that quality. There is a time and place for performance, of course. Making everything one is counter productive, though.

@Susan - really great point about people feeling a connection with each other in the audience. Because the artist is not overpowering the room. The challenge with the memorable journey is to provide it consistently, which is probably why it starts as unplugged and ends up as performance. You gave me more to think about. Thank you.

@Adam - I should still have your number somewhere ;) Congratulations again for your new job. It takes two in the thinking department: I write the post, you willingly read and think about it.

I feel unplugged when I leave apart my electronic stuff and doodle on my notebook to map ideas for my next blog posts.
Focusing just on the simplicity for 30 minutes is really relaxing sometimes.

Fantastic Valeria. Anytime you want to riff, feel free to call me - always enjoyed our chats. You always succeed in making me think.

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