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@Sabine - You might want to look up @drubloomfield on Twitter. She's a Realtor friend of mine in Scottsdale, Arizona, who regularly blogs about not only the real estate market, but the local community as well.

Just thought I would mention Dru, as it can be helpful to get to know others doing what you're looking to do.


@Christa & @Valeria The difficulty of being on multiple platforms is one reason that we're examining in-house networks much more with our clients. In certain cases, they're proving valuable because the startup investment is much more development-intensive (which many execs are more comfortable with) than time-intensive (which they're less comfortable with generally). Of course, being in nonprofit, the feeling of a Facebook page, in-house network, and so on can often be significantly different from, say, Best Buy's Facebook page.

@Eric - that is the hardest part, consistency. Finding useful information and making interactions valuable over time to unlock the value to both you and your customers. and all without making it feel or sound rote. Thus, mixing things up a little, adding sizzle to the steak, and so on. I can attest to it taking time for sure.

@Christa - I'm mulling over the necessity to be in all outposts. Certainly, if a conversation develops, it can be opportunistic to be there. Thinking about having a hub model in terms of where people can find the subject matter experts more easily... good thoughts.

@Brian - and to think I presented that concept in June 2008 at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum. Glad it clicked with you. I love it when people feel energized and go do cool stuff.

@Sabine - good for you. Developing a habit for being connected with your subject matter and the community will pay off. There is a thriving real estate blogging community, by the way. Find @BillLublin and follow the tweets.

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