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Valeria, WOOT is one of my favorite examples, I love reading the copy especially the wine info. One thing I've noticed is that sites that are less controversial or that "sell" humor can get away with more. So a or can get more creative than some businesses feeling the need to play it safe. FWIW.

It's often not just about what you write but how you write it. From experience I notice that stuff that is presented in a funny way has got a lot more of attention from the average reader.
Even the most serious of things can be presented in a funny way, with some exceptions of course.
The first example of a website that is sticking in my mind since the first time I saw it is the Sofa website ( ), presenting for example their own team in a fun way, even adding the office cat in their roster.
If I still remember it after so much time, it really means something.

@Christina - I chose examples that show passion and love for whatever the organization does. I like it when a brand (or person) is unapologetic about who they are. I focused on copy on purpose. I think design and usability do have a strong role in making it pop, but ultimately what we respond to is a human being talking with us. And of course, the experience we have with that product and brand. Good questions on interactivity. I'll mull over them.

@Brian - it was an unfair question without context. Thought I'd give it a shot anyway to see what came up, and I was pleased with the (RED) referral. You're talking about demonstrated intent as well, here. That's interesting.

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