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@Tom - they are planning to integrate more social networks in addition to Twitter and Facebook profiles. The trouble though is that some people use more their Facebook page than profile, like me for example. So even adding Facebook doesn't give you an accurate read of someone's activity, never mind influence. And yes, these are early days. We do know everyone's after the maximum results with minimum efforts, so tools will proliferate.

@Tony - it looks like people's thinking with social continues to follow the usual marketing approaches and tactics. Get me eyeballs, get me a celebrity, get me, get me... when the opportunity is connection. Early days on it all, and people love to have fast yes and no answers. Everyone grows very uncomfortable with ambiguity and flux.

@Don - the scores merely reflect exactly what they count and track. However, they hardly give you the full story on persuasion.

@Gabriele - it started from good intent. If you ask the "why" question instead of the "how" you will see that everything takes a proper place in the mix.

@Patrick - or by reflecting upon what makes us who we are. it is very possible that opportunity lies in embracing who you are vs. trying to "overcome resistance". I like the little song about rowing merrily downstream.

I too, have wondered about the value of Klout. And the whole notion of "Influence" - which in many cases rings hollow. More like high school then modern business. It's all a matter of perspective and I look forward to seeing where this goes. I think you have to start somewhere - and they've certainly provided a kickstart to the conversation.

I've also become hugely intrigued with Neuroscience and find your points here fascinating. As a March guy, I am more of a morning person. It's fascinating how our backgrounds/environments shape who we are. I look at myself and think about what could be / if, then. And recognize that we do have the ability to change - to overcome resistance by taking action.

Switch is such the perfect framework for making such change.

I have been *very* curious about the real value behind Klout, how it works, how the score is calculated and whatnot.
I never put too much value behind it, but I admit it was good to see it growing bit by bit, I guess it's in the human nature to find comfort in seeing "evidence" of one's personal growth.
Looking forward to reading more on this in the future.

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