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Enjoyed it immensely!

@Brian - her philosophy and practice do speak a lot to the things I believe in as well when it comes to content -- and conversation -- strategy.

@Andrew - thank you for stopping by.

@Patrick - indeed, it is a hard sell. Hard for some organizations to recognize and value specific talent and skills when it comes to planning, producing, and utilizing content over time. I think Spielberg was copying the Grimm Brothers tale, and yes, it's kind of like that. The magic pill is called work ;)

I always find such conversations insightful. Showing the challenges others face and gaining ideas for overcoming them is invaluable.

We're facing our own hurdles of getting internal constituents to see the tangible benefits of content marketing. That by building one relationship and opt in at a time we'll build a powerful platform filled with people who REALLY want to engage with us.

But most have difficulty making the leap when you're starting out. They see this mountain of work for little or no payback at first. So we need to show the little wins. Almost like ET and the Reeses Pieces showing the path, luring them in. To believe.

Working through the concepts outlined above is certainly key to achieving the success everyone wants and expects from content marketing. It's always important to remember that there's no magic pill. And that it's not easy or fast - which is the hardest pill for most to swallow.

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