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Can you add an email this button to the page?

A great interview. Full of great tips and lessons as well as explanations. I agree with the Seth Godin quote- Content marketing is the only marketing left. So make your published content good and well worth publishing.

WOW! This was a fantastic interview. Thank you, Valeria and Kristina, for collaborating on this piece.

I've got a nice, tight list of actionables to discuss with my team today. It's the reconsideration of everything we do. We know WHY we're doing what we're doing, but HOW is it impacting our community? HOW do we know if we're affecting the change we want to see?

One thing that I see frequently mentioned in marketing/PR circles is an emphasis on going where the customers are and tailoring everything to what they want, but what if, as in our situation, we're trying to show potential customers a better place and something they don't know they want yet?

There's power in content which empowers others, but I struggle with the concept of racing to the bottom, dealing with lowest common denominators of where the most people are and what the most people want. I believe inspiring people with the prospect of a true, mutually beneficial relationship is far more powerful than the convenience of another generic widget designed for the generally disinterested masses.

Thanks for an inspiring read. POW!

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